Friday, December 21, 2007

When John and I met in high school, I didn't get to know him until 11th grade because I was never in the accelerated classes. I just wasn't interested in studying, but I was interested in being a Thespian and that is how we met. Truthfully, he and a couple of other boys used to drive me crazy in class, but I probably loved it. He loved to have card games at his house (in the apartment behind) but that was mostly for "the guys". I had a hell of a Senior Party out at a private lake with lots of beer, and that sealed John's and my friendship forever. We went off to college (Him-Chicago, me, LSU) and I always thought that he migrated down south because of my clever and descriptive narrations over hundreds of dollars of phone calls that first year. When he moved to New Orleans, I initiated him to the Southern lifestyle as I knew it...much partying and little studying. I didn't learn to study until at least the second year by which time I had introduced John to the famous Linda Bridget Revue on Bourbon Street and the fine art of cruising Pat O'Brians and listening to the jazz come ripping out of the swinging doors. Gosh, I partied way too much, that stopped when I transferred to UT. John actually escorted me, my Mother and a dear friend of hers when the ladies came to New Orleans on a trip. We went out to dinner and some clubs, and after I went home, John got the ladies back to their hotel. Unfortunately, a couple of nights later, my mother's jewelry was stolen from her hotel room (the Royal Orleans) and of course, the FBI came to John's apt to "interview" him several days later. He was totally freaked out because he was "growing" in his back bedroom but I guess the interview went off without a hitch, probably the best acting job he ever performed. What to say about John. He was a gentle man. He was always interested in what I had to say, even though I was never his intellectual equal. Sometimes I was even superficial, can you imagine that? He never let on he thought that and was always highly supportive and the most negative comment I ever got was a "Realllllly?!?" with a rising voice inflection that indicated he kind of doubted the validity of my point. God love him, he was patient and kind and yes, Mary Lou, I do believe that he was crafty in his own way. He was the first person to bring the idea of Twelve Step Recovery to my attention and I probably would not have considered it had it been proposed by a lessor man. I owe him an awful lot, and wish that I had more time to be with him. Well, thats all for now, probably more to come later. Peace.

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