Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For My Friend

John's passing surprised me but did not take away the incredible insight, compassion or love he gave with so much enthusiasm whenever I'd see him. I treasure the years that I and my son, Dylan, knew him. The BBQ's, the lunches to talk about 'things that bother us.' Hands down, his smile lit a room up with that infectious glow and his laugh hit the highest of notes. Thank you Mary for putting a place up to honor a special brother, which tells me, his sister is one hell of a woman too! What a gift he was and you are.

John had integrity that I find so rare in men along with his raucous, bawdy and silly humor. Walking contradiction? Yep and loved him all the more for it because I knew he was one of the 'few' who could be trusted in a world that loses sight of those that have separate paths, yet don't wish to be separate so much as to make a difference. And that? He did in a BIG way, as Johnny only could. May all his dreams he started-- come true--Johnny we miss ya.

For the family, John and all who contribute to this page.

With love,


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