Monday, December 24, 2007

Life is...

John lived a great life, but who knows what life was to him and why he chose to leave it, but a couple of years ago - I postulated the following options for what life is...

Life is...
A) a bowl of cherries
B) what you make it
C) an illusion
D) fun while it lasts
E) a pile of dung
F) f'norked up
G) a game (trademarked by Milton Bradley?)
H) for the living
I) for the young
J) a mystery
K) for the birds, squirrels, dogs, (you can also do a fill-in-the-blank here)
L) Crazy...

But most of all - life is for sharing with the ones you love. I love my family. I miss my brother, John. I hope he is free and happy on the other side. As the Doors would have said, John has made the "Break on through to the other side"

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