Monday, December 24, 2007

Sailing Memories

From Carolyn Poirot (originally posted as a comment - but you all need to see and share this memory)

"Hi Mary Lou, You won't remember me because you were still very young when I started sailing with your Dad and John about 40 years ago. We sailed at Lake Wichita and Eagle Mountain. I was so sorry to hear about John's death, but it sounds like he did a lot of wonderful things in his life, both for fun and serious.

My best memory was from the day your dad got a new spinnaker for the old Morgan, and we were supposed to help him get it up in the middle of a race in which we were doing well. Something went wrong, and we ended up with the new spinnaker out behind the boat, dragging us to a dead stop (like some kind of parachute break floating out behind us.) I can still hear John's laughter when he realized what happened. Only your dad's loud curse of his worthless crew stopped all the laughing, and when we finally got the spinnaker back in the boat, he took us all up to the club for a gin and tonic and a lot more laughing all around. ...

Again, I am very sorry to hear about your brother and will keep your family in my prayers. Sincerely,

Carolyn Poirot "

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