Saturday, December 22, 2007

My contribution to John's Memorial

Today is the 22nd of December, and last night was the longest night of the year. Today, as the days will begin to grow longer, we are gathered to celebrate an incredible being of light who has left the physical plane. John was a beacon to so many people.

Some might say that John's life lacked direction. In reality, John was a mighty creative force like a river carving out its own path. He played many roles in his own life. Perhaps, the best of them being friend and companion. He always had a kind word or a harsh truth when a person needed it. And he never lacked stories - he told great stories of his adventures, places he had been, fun he'd shared with others, and the things he dreamed of doing.

John was a man who lived his dreams and inspired others to do the same. He wanted to challenge himself so he took trapeze lessons. He needed more challenges so he climbed Mt Whitney. He hiked to Havasu Falls this year. He traveled the world.

Being his sister was probably the best seat on the planet to view a life filled with joy, adventure, great people, and lots of plans and dreams. While we will all miss him, we must not get tangled up in the way he died. We must celebrate the way he lived and become our own forces of nature, our own rivers carving out our own streambeds in this earth by which we can light our campfires and share the tales of our lives with our loved ones - just like John did. The days are growing longer, the light is stronger - remember the light John shared with you and please go out in the world and do the same thing.

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